How To Find Message Requests That Facebook Didn't Notifyed You
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14 Dec 2016

How To Find Message Requests That Facebook Didn't Notifyed You

Hello everyone, In this article i will talk about Facebook messages, As we know we only get messages notifications from our friends whom are in our Facebook friends list. And if someone not in the list and message you then you will get Message Request so you either accept to answer or reject.

However, We still don't get notifications about some other Message Requests. For some reason Facebook filter it or count as a spam. Anyway, I will show you how to find the other message requests other than what you saw already as Message request.

Follow the steps bellow:

  1. Click on Settings 
  2. Click on People
  3. Click on Message Requests
  4. Ignore what you see and click See Filtered Requests
  5. You will find some Requests which Facebook filtered it and considered it as spam. You may find a lot of Message Requests when you apply this option. 
  6. And then click Accept or Decline .
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  1. Can't get rid of messenger notification

    1. Hi Adam, Thanks for your comment. Read this article it may help you :



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